We have a service and process driven approach to maximize your revenue. We work to give you a peace of mind to focus on the individuals you serve. MBS will provide a customized service package to meet your organization’s specific billing needs for Home & Community Based Waiver Services and Targeted Case Management to ensure your claims are paid quickly and accurately. Our team based billing and review process assures that your collections are optimized.

Why outsource your billing?

Billing is not just pushing buttons. Doing your own billing only works when your staff is accurate and software is accurate. We provide 7 critical elements needed to maximize your revenue:

  1. Expertise. Knowledge and expertise to be accurate. It’s a fulltime job to keep up with our industry’s changing rules! Billing specialists are invested in quality control in terms of billing.
  2. Motivation. Motivated to get you the most money possible through error-free billing. Our billing fees are dependent on your revenue. In-house billing personnel may not have that motivation to maximize revenue; it may just be a job to get done for them.
  3. Connections. Our connections with providers, county boards, software vendors, DODD and ODM, prevent and solve problems much more quickly.
  4. Bandwidth. Do you have the time and energy to do all the extra tasks we do to find more revenue?
    • Research and fix non-billable claims
    • Send reports to your agency
    • Analyze data looking for anomalies
    • Reconcile billed claims to paid claims
    • Access MITS to find Medicaid numbers
    • Provide timely feedback
    • Train and mentor your staff
  5. Availability. If your staff member gets sick, goes on vacation, or leaves your employ suddenly, it may be difficult to the get the billing out on time. If a member of our team is gone, someone else can fill in. (And if you do your own billing and that staff member needs time off, we can fill in for as long as needed without any long-term commitment to MBS on your part).
  6. Accountability. If we make a mistake, we will refund the income you were shorted. If a member of your staff makes a mistake, it might be too late to correct it and resubmit for timely reimbursement. You cannot make your billing staff pay for the loss out of their pocket.
  7. Time to deal with problems. A client left our practice to do their own billing – and soon came back to MBS. They had a series of problems and spent countless hours researching, emailing, calling and following up, trying to fix anomalies we could have helped prevent.

What makes MBS exceptional?

Experience. We have decades of experience with billing, waiver services, targeted case management, unit reporting, case note compliance, serving providers and county boards.

Expertise. We know the system inside and out, and are constantly educating ourselves on the fine points that can benefit providers and county boards.

Connections. Our connections throughout the industry make it easy to solve problems quickly.

Detective ability. As expert problem solvers, we find providers and county boards thousands of dollars they didn’t even know they were entitled to or missing.

Cost-effective. We are paid a percentage of what we collect. Our efficiency and revenue driven approach will increase your efficiency and revenue.

Passion. Billing and Billing Compliance is our job and expertise, but preventing and finding mistakes that cost providers and county boards income is our passion and our gift.