MBS provides expert consultation in billing practices and process for providers. Want to know how your billing stacks up? We’ll consult with you and provide feedback to help make you more efficient, productive and successful.

Our Billing Process Evaluation is a proprietary service that has found money for providers and county boards again and again.

County Boards

MBS provides consultation services for Superintendents, Business Managers, Billing department staff and SSA department staff.

We provide monthly, quarterly and annual case note reviews, unit reporting and billing evaluation for your billing and business offices. Let us help you get results.

We provide financial and business management consultation. We can assist with short-term and long-term financial projections, waiver administration, understanding county board funding, cost reporting, and other business management functions.

We can evaluate your business office and practices and help determine solutions for improvement and efficiencies. MBS has a lot of experience and expertise that can help direct your department.

How about the county board cost report? We can help prepare, review or analyze your cost report results.

We provide county board finance training for your board members!