County Boards

MBS assists county boards with Ohio Targeted Case Management (TCM) revenue maximization and compliance. Our team provides expert services and solutions to support your SSA and business departments. We have decades of experience helping county boards operate more successfully in these areas. Our clients trust us to help them bring in their revenue and achieve compliance. We take this responsibility seriously.

Our team has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in case noting and unit compliance, county board cost reporting, business management, Medicaid services management and audits. With this experience, and the up-to-date knowledge needed to report units accurately on the annual DODD cost reporting, we help boards bridge the gap between the SSA and business office.

MBS will provide a customized service package to meet your organization’s specific billing needs for TCM to ensure your claims are paid quickly and accurately. Our team based billing assures that your collections are never interrupted. We also provide consulting and training for both the SSA and business departments.

MBS will assist with ensuring SSA case notes are compliant, coded correctly and meet best practices. We will analyze reports and identify anomalies and recommend more efficient processes and procedures. The MBS team will train your staff to be compliant, efficient, and productive to capture all possible revenue.

We maximize a county board’s TCM revenue through our exceptional billing, training practices, and consulting. Check out these pages to see how we can support you with our exceptional services and supports.

MBS also partners with county boards to present billing and documentation trainings for providers in the county. Providing this training in partnership with county boards helps reduce the number of calls and hours SSAs spend working with providers on billing problems. We train providers on topics such as those listed above under the Provider Section. This training often leads to consulting directly with the providers to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities on their service delivery and documentation, interaction with SSAs, and billing.