MBS supports providers with Ohio Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver billing. Our dedicated and experienced team of professionals will help you maximize your revenue so you can serve individuals. Our providers trust us to help them bring in their revenue, achieve compliance, and give them a peace of mind. We take this responsibility seriously.

Our team can help increase your income by:

Finding new sources of revenue. We stay up-to-the-minute on Ohio’s ever-changing Medicaid rules, laws and regulations to help you take advantage of every opportunity to maximize revenue.

Acting as a liaison to save you time and resources. We serve as a liaison between providers, county boards, software vendors, ODM and DODD to resolve issues quickly.

Pre-empting problems that could cost you. Many times, MBS has uncovered problems which would have resulted in errors or non-payment of claims.

Making sure your claims are correct. If claims are submitted with errors, providers must wait until the claims can be adjusted. Then, they may have to wait again for reimbursement after the adjustments are made. Because of our knowledge and expertise, we know what the billing should look like and can identify issues and/or errors BEFORE claims are submitted to DODD.

Resolving overutilization issues. If claims are over utilized, providers must work with their county board to resolve the situation. MBS has relationships with many boards and will work to resolve overutilization issues on behalf of our client-providers, many times without even involving the providers.

Focus, Passion, Motivation and Stability

MBS has a strong focus of customer service and responsive communication.

Our hard-working and dedicated team members are passionate about what they do and advocate in your best interest.

MBS is motivated to help providers be efficient and successful!

With MBS, providers don’t have to worry about in-house billing staff vacations, sick time, extended leaves or employee turnover. We are always here, and another team member can seamlessly take over if one is out.

We want to help you succeed and get paid more!