MBS team provides training to ensure that your personnel are compliant, efficient, and capturing all possible revenue. This includes required service documentation and billing training required by DODD.


MBS provides service documentation and billing training for independent providers and agency staff, directors, and CEOs.

We provide training on Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) IO, Level 1 and SELF waivers:

Adult day services:
• Adult day support
• Vocational habilitation
• Individual employment supports
• Group employment supports
• Non-medical transportation
• Homemaker/personal care – participant directed, routine and daily
• Transportation
• And many others

We help providers understand all areas of billing:
• Acuity/staff intensity ratios
• Budget limitations, cost projections, MRC and PAWS
• Tracking utilization of authorized services
• Maximize your agency’s billing efficiency and cash flow
• Third party insurance requirements
• Patient liability responsibility
• Evaluation billing processes and procedures
• Utilize software

County Boards

MBS provides training on case note coding, compliance, productivity and best practices for county board service and support administrators.

MBS partners with county boards to present billing and documentation trainings for providers in the county. Providing this training in partnership with county boards helps reduce the number of calls and hours SSAs spend working with providers on billing problems. We train providers on topics such as those listed above under the Provider Section. This training often leads to consulting directly with the providers to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities on their service delivery and documentation, interaction with SSAs, and billing.

“Very well done presentation on the billing training this morning - thank you very much. Covered a lot of information at a nice pace and good follow up.”

Medicaid Services Manager, County Board of DD

We host the SSA Boot Camp three to four times a year – A comprehensive 19 hour training for county board service and support administrators. Over 1,500 SSAs have trained with this program over the past 15 years. SSA Boot Camp is designed to deliver a collaborative, comprehensive, accurate, and usable information to new and existing SSAs. Through ground maneuvers, air maneuvers and war games, Boot Camp trained SSAs will go back to their county board with an overall knowledge of the SSA job and the tools to work with confidence. Join our newsletter to receive information when our next boot camp is announced.

We also assist you with hiring, training, and/or mentoring key business office personnel. There are many duties and responsibilities in the business office that our experienced staff can help county board employees learn and become proficient. County board financials, grants, waiver administration, planning and business management is not always easy to understand. We can help your staff become successful business managers and business office support.