Add HPC Service

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Add HPC Service
Add HPC Service

Could you add Homemaker/Personal Care (HPC) to your list of services? It supports a person to be more independent within their home and community, while meeting their daily living needs.

Examples of these supports include:

  • Self-advocacy
  • Self-direction
  • Daily living skills
  • Implementation of therapeutic interventions
  • Behavioral support strategies
  • Medical and health care services
  • Emergency response
  • Community access services
  • Personal finances

There are 3 HPC codes/services:

  1. OAC 5123-9-30 For the individual options and level one waivers
  2. OAC 5123-9-31 For sites where individuals enrolled in the individual options waiver share services
  3. OAC 5123-9-32 For participant-directed HPC under the individual options, level one and self-empowered life funding waivers

If you have questions, please Email Our Service Team.