Billing errors

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Is there a money tree hidden in your billing errors?

An agency asked us to review a year of unpaid claims. We found them $16,000.

One of the most valued things we offer provider-clients is piece of mind. Using MBS as your billing service, you know you always get all the revenue you have earned.

Here’s a case in point:

$16,000 Extra in Three Easy Steps

  1. After we did some training for his staff, a client wasn’t sure they had caught all the agency’s errors and claims denied. He asked us to review issues from the prior year. In less than one day of work, we found $5,000 owed this provider.

We fixed the errors and resubmitted the claims, which were promptly paid.

  1. Further research found the client was not billing correctly—and had been denied another $5,000 earned.

It took some time, and we had to contact the County Board, but our billing expertise and intimate familiarity with Medicaid’s fine points got this amount paid as well.

  1. We are still exploring some active claims amounting to a further $6,000.

All in all, we increased this provider’s revenue for the year by 50%!

Are you missing out on earned revenue too?

We can find out, quickly. Our Billing Process Evaluation is a proprietary service that has found money for clients again and again. There is no obligation to work with MBS after it is completed.

To set up your evaluation, contact us at 513.201.7474, or