Definitions of VH and GES

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Code VH and GES services properly

Which services are VH and which are GES? This will clear it up for you How to keep VH and GES straight—so you get properly paid

Many providers confuse Vocational Habilitation (VH) and Group Employment Support (GES). This is a problem because there are different service/billing codes and reimbursement rates for each. Here’s how they differ:

VH is learning and work experiences, including volunteer work, where the individual develops general skills that lead to competitive integrated employment. Examples include the ability to communicate effectively with co-workers and the ability to follow directions.

GES is services and training activities provided in businesses, industry and community settings for groups of two or more workers with disabilities. Examples include work adjustments, job analysis and training in independent planning, arranging and using transportation.

For both VH and GES, all services should be provided pursuant to the Individual Service Plan. MBS can help you determine which services fit into each category.

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