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3 key definitions to help you maximize revenue

Knowing the definitions of these 3 common services will help ensure proper delivery and billing of services:

Adult day support means regularly scheduled activities in a non-residential setting, such as assistance with:

  1. acquisition, retention or improvement of self-help
  2. socialization
  3. adaptive skills that enhance social development and community living

Vocational habilitation means learning and work experiences, including volunteer work, where the individual develops skills that lead to competitive integrated employment, like:

  1. learning to communicate effectively in the workplace
  2. understanding community workplace conduct and dress standards
  3. learning to follow directions and attend to tasks
  4. developing problem-solving skills and strategies
  5. gaining safety and mobility skills

Group employment support means services and training provided in business, industry and community settings for groups of two or more workers with disabilities. Activities include any combination of the following:

  1. person-centered employment planning
  2. work adjustment
  3. job analysis
  4. training and systematic instruction, including for using transportation
  5. job coaching

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