Double Check Your Work

Did you know, you only have 350 days to submit claims after the service date?

If you have errors, denials, or unpaid claims, it may be worthwhile to review them soon to see if they could be resubmitted before it is too late.

The DODD posts the filing date limit on their website, under eMBS, claim file submittal page, each billing cycle.

Here is what it says currently:

“Pursuant to OAC 5123:2-9-06, claims for payment shall be submitted within 350 days after the HCBS waiver service is provided. Claims submitted after this time may not be processed. Adjustments must be submitted within 365 days of the service date or within 180 days of the adjudication date, whichever is greater.

Adjustments submitted outside these timelines may not be processed. Providers are encouraged to submit claims in a timely manner.”

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