ERROR report

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Are you leaving money on the table?

Claims identified on an ERROR report must be corrected and resubmitted to the Department of Developmental Disabilities (D0DD) before the claims can be submitted to the Ohio Department of Medicaid for payment approval.

There are approximately 60 different reasons for ERRORS, but with these steps, your ERROR rate could be ZERO:

  • Bill appropriate CODES and RATES
  • Review all claims BEFORE submission

If you are NOT ‘working’ your ERRORS, you may not be paid all you have earned. MBS has the expertise AND experience when reviewing claims to find many ERRORS before they are even submitted.

We check for ERRORS every Friday! 

ERROR reports are posted online every Friday on DODD’s Medicaid Billing System. We research the cause and work with the appropriate team members to correct each ERROR, then resubmit for reimbursement.

Additionally, MBS tracks these non-payments until reimbursement and also reports the amounts, with details of the entire process, to Client Providers.

Currently, our clients’ permanently non-billable claims for FY2020 are ZERO. Join them in never leaving money on the table again!

We can also help you find more revenue through our Billing Process Evaluation.
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