The Secret to Getting More 15-minute Billing Units in a Day

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Are you scheduling your services to get the most allowable daily units?

A 15-minute billing unit is defined as:

…a billing unit that equals fifteen minutes of service delivery time or is greater or equal to eight minutes and less than or equal to twenty-two minutes of service delivery time.

When does 22+1=30?

Minutes accrued throughout a day may be added together to calculate the number of fifteen-minute billing units. To maximize your revenue, add up your total daily time for each individual.

For example, if you provide a few instances of Individual Employment Support to one individual throughout a day that are each less than eight minutes, none of them are billable. But, if they add up to more than eight minutes altogether, they are all billable.

The first 22 minutes count as one unit, but after that, each additional eight minutes rounds up to an additional unit:

0-7 minutes = 0 units
8-22 minutes = 1 unit
23-37 minutes = 2 units
38-52 minutes = 3 units
53-67 minutes = 4 units

MBS can help you get the most allowable 15-minute units every day.

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