Get Paid What You Deserve for Transporting Individuals

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As we come into a new year, we thought a transportation refresher might be helpful:

“Transportation” means a service that enables an individual enrolled in Individual Options, Level 1, and Self-Empowering Life Funding Waivers to access waiver and other community services, activities and resources.

This service is offered in addition to, and does not replace, medical transportation.

Documentation requirements include:

  1. Type of service (including info IF individual requires modified vehicle)
  2. Date of service
  3. License plate number of vehicle used to provide service
  4. Name of individual receiving service
  5. Medicaid # of individual
  6. Name of provider
  7. Contract # of provider
  8. Origination & destination points
  9. Total number of miles provided
  10. Number of individuals (ratio/group size)
  11. Written or electronic signature of staff delivering the service
  12. Description/details of services directly relating to the ISP (purpose)

Transportation shall be provided pursuant to an ISP conforming to rule 5123-4-02 of the Administrative Code. These services may extend to times when the individual is not physically present and the provider is performing transportation on behalf of the individual.

If you have questions, please Email Our Service Team.