Have You Run the Individuals Served Report?

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We Speak DODD

The Acuity Assessment Instrument (AAI) compares how much support a person needs to:

  • get around,
  • take part in activities and/or
  • communicate with other people in similar services

SSAs are responsible for completing the AAI. Even people who do not have day services paid for through a waiver can use an AAI to make sure they are getting the same level of support as people with waiver services.

Note, DODD will only pay the lower rate billed. If an individual’s acuity changes from a B to a C, yet the B rate continues to be billed, DODD will only pay the B reimbursement rate.

MBS periodically compares clients’ acuities billed to acuities per DODD to be sure our providers aren’t losing revenue. For a list of acuities, run the Individuals Served report from DODD’s Datawarehouse. You have 330 days to resubmit if the lower acuity was billed incorrectly. This chart might help: