Help Make Reimbursement Less Complicated

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Ohio’s developmental disabilities home and community-based waiver system is almost 20 years old. The system has limitations that make accessing services and managing individual budgets a challenge, while providers must navigate a complicated reimbursement process.


DODD is working with Deloitte consultants on the Waiver Redesign Initiative to create a streamlined, updated system that better meets the needs of those it serves.

One key part of this initiative is a project to review and update waiver assessments and reimbursement systems, called the Waiver Modernization Project.

The goal is to create a streamlined assessment process, in which people with developmental disabilities have greater flexibility in creating individual budgets for the services they choose. This will be accomplished through a single assessment for:

  • Budgeting
  • Updating targeted services and rates
  • Improving reimbursement processes

Stakeholder engagement is central to this process. DODD wants to hear from people receiving services, their families, providers of service and county boards.

DODD and Deloitte will be holding interviews and focus groups to collect feedback from stakeholders, as well as sending out feedback surveys. There is also a dedicated email address ( to send project questions and comments.

Project updates will be available through the DODD website and newsletters.

Check the DODD webpage dedicated to this work to get involved.