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How To Use The MRC

By November 10, 2022No Comments

Using the Monthly Rate Calculator (MRC) is straightforward if you follow these steps:

Step One:
Bill weekly, bi-weekly, and no less than monthly during each MRC span. MRC is most effective when you bill monthly. Monitor for consistency below/above the 3% threshold.

Step Two:
After entering one month of actual hours, make sure to check the “Month Complete” box in the MSS/CPT/MRC Actuals screen. If utilization is between 97 and 103%, no more action is needed.

Step Three:
If the actuals are less than 97% or more than 103%, you will see a pop-up message and an ‘alert’ next to that month:

  • For actual hours under or overprojections, download the Bill File and upload to DODD for resubmission.
  • If you have a pattern of under- or over utilization, contact your County Board to initiate a review of the schedule and a possible CPT revision. Do this as soon as possible. Not seeking a revision may cause you to be over- or underpaid. Once the revision is finalized, download the Bill File and upload to DODD for resubmission.

MRC works best if you have access to the CPTs and review/approve the cost projections; if you and the County Board complete them together, even better! If you have been trained to do so, you may use Edit Access to communicate schedule changes to the Board.