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Individual Employment Support

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Individual Employment Support (IES) can help a person learn a new job or improve at their current one. It supports one-on-one:

  1. Job coaching
  2. Training for Assistive Technology used on the job
  3. Other workplace support services, including services not specifically related to skill training that help the person succeed in integrating into their job setting and
  4. Personal care and assistance (as a component of an IES activity).

IES providers can deliver supports in person, on behalf of and/or via virtual supports/technology. A provider may be authorized for “on behalf of” NMT as well, to get in between work sites. IES is billed as 15 minute units, as long as at least 8 minutes or more of service have been provided.

The expected outcome is maintaining competitive, integrated employment in a job that matches the person’s interests, strengths, priorities and abilities, while meeting their personal and career goals. It does not support someone finding a job. That unique service is Career Planning.