Making The Most Of ISPs

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It is important to carefully review your client ISPs. Delaying this can result in billing issues and non-payment. Throughout the year, maintaining open and honest communication will help ensure ISP outcomes are met.

To Do Right After the Annual ISP Meeting

The best time to ensure you will not have billing issues or non-payment is just after the ISP meeting, while the plan details are fresh in your mind. Here are the key tasks:

  • Ensure meeting minutes, MSS info (CPT, calendars and/or PAWS) and the ISP accurately portray the meeting.
  • Review each new ISP to make sure it reflects the services you provide. Make sure you are not providing MORE SERVICES than requested.
  • Compare the ISP to the CPT/PAWS and do the math. Check if the units and dollars match the number of days and weeks you are being asked to provide services.
  • Make sure the ISP services have corresponding codes in the CPT/PAWS.
  • Review the individual’s calendar in MSS. See if the calendar reflects your services schedule and matches the ISP.
  • When SSAs send plans or budgets for a final look or signature, take the time to review the information carefully and respond in a timely manner.

To Do Weeks and Months after the Meeting

  1. Train your staff on the ISP and edit your documentation to reflect any changes.
  2. If there is something in the ISP you don’t agree with, let the SSA know ASAP.
  3. If after the plan goes into effect something isn’t working, let the SSA know ASAP.

SSAs would rather address issues at the time

than wait for the next annual meeting.

We can lead you through the ISP review process.

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