Service Documentation

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Did you know providers must maintain service documentation in accordance with OAC 5123-9-06 and related service-specific rules in the Administrative Code?

Service documentation is all records and information, including documents created/maintained electronically, logged concurrent with the delivery of services, fully disclosing the nature and extent of services in order to validate payment from Medicaid.

Here are some rules highlights:

  1. Claims for payment are not considered service documentation,nor are provider weekly reports.
  2. Service documentation must be kept in an accessible location and made available on request.Providers who fail to produce the records requested within thirty calendar days shall be subject to denial, suspension or revocation of certification and/or loss of their Medicaid provider agreement.
  3. When you stop providing services, you must notify the county board as to the location of service documentation and the name and phone number of the person responsible for maintaining service documentation within seven calendar days.
  4. Service documentation must be kept for six years from the date of receipt of payment or until an initiated audit is resolved, whichever is longer.

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