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Are You Using The Monthly Rate Calculator (MRC) To Your Advantage?

By November 10, 2022No Comments

Part of DODD’s Medicaid Services System (MSS), the MRC projects costs and service hours for residential billing:

  • It breaks the waiver span into projected service hours and costs for each month.
  • It takes into account small changes in an individual’s schedule by calculating a margin of hours (+/- 3%) for which the provider may still receive the Daily Billing Unit.

As long as Actual Hours fall within the 3% margin, the provider should receive the full payment projected for that month.

Are you following the MRC guidelines?

  1. Enter Actual Hours within 30 days of each month’s end, including Competency Add-on hours.
  2. Close out the month, check the ‘Month Complete’ box in MSS/MRC and re-run the Medicaid Billing System file to be sure you’ve billed the correct codes and amounts.
  3. If your costs are outside the 3% margin, recalculate and allow DODD to recoup overpayments and/or work with your County Board to adjust the CPTs for rebilling of underpayments.


Proper MRC use is part of our service. Our clients never have to wonder whether they will be fully reimbursed. We can also help you find more revenue through our Billing Process Evaluation. Contact MBS today!