Vocational Habilitation

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Documenting Vocational Habilitation properly is necessary to receive full reimbursement. Here is some info that may help:

“Vocational Habilitation” means services that provide learning and work experiences, including volunteer work, where the individual develops general skills that lead to competitive integrated employment. Services are expected to occur over a period of time with specific outcomes determined by the individual and their team.

“Service Documentation” means all records and information, including those created or maintained electronically, created and maintained at the same time as the delivery of services, and kept in a manner as to fully disclose the nature and extent of services delivered.

Service Documentation must include the following:

(1) Type of service.
(2) Date of service.
(3) Place of service.
(4) Name of individual receiving service.
(5) Medicaid ID number of individual receiving service.
(6) Name of provider.
(7) Provider identifier/contract number.
(8) Written or electronic signature of the person delivering the service, or initials of the person delivering the service if a signature and corresponding initials are on file with the provider.
(9) Description and details of the services delivered that directly relate to the services specified in the approved Individual Service Plan as the services to be provided.
(10) Times the delivered service started and stopped.
(11) Number of units of the delivered service.

The Billing Units, Service Codes and Payment Rates for Vocational Habilitation can be found in Appendix A at

Each county has a different Cost of Doing Business (CODBfor Vocational Habilitation. See more in Appendix B at

To see all the Vocational Habilitation rules, follow this path:

  • Rules in Effect,
  • Chapter 5123-9-14 Home and Community-Based Services Waivers—vocational habilitation

To make sure you are following the Vocational Habilitation rules properly, and earning every dollar you deserve, contact MBS today!